Holiday Fitness Survival Guide

Wow! It’s already December 1st! We here at Adventure to Fitness can’t believe Winter Break is almost upon us!  We hope that you’ve all been enjoying a great school year so far and are ready for the holidays.

Like most, we are looking forward to a small break as well. But, we know that getting out of routine has it’s pitfalls – like poor eating habits and less physical activity meaning feeling lousy and putting on special “holiday” weight.

Below is a list of 5 essential tips to help you survive the holidays and stay healthy:

  1. Drink more water – Water helps you feel fuller so you won’t have to reach for that extra slice of pie or plate full of cookies.
  2. Try waiting 20 minutes after snacking on appetizers before hitting the main course.
  3. Get a quick workout in at home before heading out for holiday shopping – or make a point to take your workout clothes with you on the road.
  4. Get the family together for a high-energy activity like sledding or hiking.
  5. Stock up on healthy snacks – keep bows of snacks like raw or dry roasted almonds or dried fruits around to help curb cravings for holiday treats.

We all know that it takes a little extra planning and effort to stay healthy during the holidays, but the end result will be worth it. We have faith in you and you should, too!

As always,

Keep It Moving!